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Mrs Barratt

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to warmly welcome you to Crook Log Primary school as you join us for the first time or as prospective parents.  As always that welcome is extended to those families who already have a long-standing partnership with us.

The community of Crook Log has a special ‘feel’ about it and many visitors comment on the positive ethos and friendly atmosphere they encounter as they come through our doors coupled with the exciting and creative learning environment for all, found wherever they look.  

Our aim at Crook Log is to develop your child to their full potential. Our work here allows for all children to develop their academic, social and independent skills, supporting them to build confidence, self-reliance and make informed decisions and choices as they grow. We want children to really enjoy school and love learning, making it a lifelong habit.

The school is fully committed to parental involvement. It is so important that we support one another. We will keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress and of activities and events within school and the local community.

Our desire here is to ensure that as your children progress through the school they are being positively prepared for life as citizens of the future. Indeed our school motto is:


We very much look forward to a happy and successful partnership with you.

Pat Barratt

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