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Vision and Values

In a calm, caring and secure environment Crook Log Primary School endeavours to provide children with the confidence and skills to achieve a high standard in all areas of school life. Through sound teaching and in close partnership with parents we believe that all pupils will leave Crook Log School with a continued sense of ambition, independence and a thirst for learning. 

This can be developed by: 

  • encouraging them to co-operate and be actively involved in their own learning so that they may eventually achieve autonomy 
  • teaching them the skills to learn and become independent and self-reliant helping them to acquire knowledge which will encourage an understanding of the world and its people, and help them adapt to changes 
  • fostering personal and moral values, such as respecting others, learning tolerance, self-discipline and concern for others
  •  having high but realistic expectations for each child in relation to age, aptitude and ability 
  • valuing their work by displaying it, sharing it with others, praising their efforts and ensuring a sense of worth and achievement. 

We want children to be able to aspire to great heights, unafraid to tackle new challenges as they 
become citizens of the future. We want our pupils to positively 


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