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Comments from our recent parent survey July 2023

“The whole school have been amazing with my two children. Have provided great support and encouragement.”

“Couldn’t be happier with the school overall, my daughter is leaving this week and we will be very sad to say goodbye to crook log and all the teachers.”

“Thank you to all the teachers and support teams, you do a fab job and I can see the improvements in the environment too. Enjoy your well earned summer holiday.”

“The Well Being club has been a good addition to the school clubs.”

“Crook log have been fantastic with my daughter especially the SENCO team they have been an amazing support system for me and my daughter. They have gone above and beyond and I am so grateful to them all.”

“Crook Log Primary School represented by responsible staff and well prepared, promote quality education and meet my child's needs to achieve his learning in a happy, healthy and safety environment. Highly recommended for the wider community.”

“Crook Log have been fantastic so far - all the staff seem lovely and my son has done so well already and he's only in year 1! He is already excited about year 2 so of course him being so content means I am very happy with the school.”

“I feel there has been a lovely change in crook log since our new head has been in place. Lots of lovely ideas for the children and changes to benefit us all.”

“Crook Log is a lovely school with great SLT & teachers. My children love going to school. Thank you.”

“My son is very happy at Crook Log and the school has a really lovely atmosphere highly recommend.”

“My son has really enjoyed his first year at Crook Log in reception and Mrs Jupp has been a fantastic support growing my child I'm his education along with Mrs Tyler. Thank you and hats off to you both.”

“Faculty and staff are approachable and responsive to enquiries.”

“I feel that crook log let's my child be a child as well as teaching her to become independent whilst providing an education. My daughter also commented that crook log encourages the children to use kind and positive words.”

“Crook Log is a wonderful school with wonderful members of staff. My child is ready to leave year 6 as a confident, educated, kind boy who has been given the tools and confidence ready for his next chapter of secondary school. My daughter will be starting in Reception in September and she is very excited. I know she will have a fabulous experience of school just like her older brother. Thank you to everyone at Crook Log school you really are super heroes without capes!”

“The staff at Crook Log have been fantastic with both my girls. They both loved their primary school and we are all finding it very hard to say good bye this year!”

“Really pleased with the quality of education and the leadership in the school. My child feels motivated to be in the school.”

“It was our first year in a UK school, and my kids where far behind. The teachers really worked hard to bring them up to speed with the British system. We are very happy with all the extra support they received. My kids are very happy and have integrated well.”

“My oldest child has been at Crook Log for 3 years now and I think its a lovely school. The teachers are all very nice, they do lots for the children, there's a lovely PTA who also do so much for the school. I feel like all the teachers are passionate about their job and care about the children.”

“Crook log is a fantastic school. The teachers work very hard to give the children the best education and support.”

“Crook log is a fantastic school. The teachers work very hard to give the children the best education and support.”

“I am grateful for the support and genuine care the school has shown for my children. Your dedication to nurturing not only academic growth but also emotional well-being has made a remarkable difference in both of my sons life, and I cannot thank you enough for your invaluable efforts!”

“Crook log is a fantastic school. The teachers work very hard to give the children the best education and support.”

Comments from emails

Apologies for this belated email ,
 I was quite overwhelmed with the every day news and with the amount of support we are receiving to help Ukraine.
 On  behalf of all the Ukrainian people I’d like to express my gratitude to Crook Log Primary School , to all their staff, parents, guardians and children!   It was so touching to talk to some of the schools staff and see the amount of your  generous donations. Your support and kindness  are really appreciated .
All of your  donations have been packed in boxes and sent to our centre in Maidstone from  where it’ll be loaded onto the truck and sent to Ukraine.
Thank you and let there be peaceful skies for all of us .

Comment from Macmillan coffee morning 

'I would like to pass on my thanks and congratulations to all of the year 6 children. Everyone single child we spoke to this morning at the coffee morning, and there were a lot, was cheerful, happy and polite. I know lots of them were quite nervous but they should be proud of themselves. I enjoyed chatting to each and every one. They did themselves, their parents, teachers and school proud. They are such great representatives for Crook Log.'

Comment from a pedestrian when walking to swimming.

"What a fantastic, sensible and polite group of children you have with you."




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