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Apologies for this belated email ,
 I was quite overwhelmed with the every day news and with the amount of support we are receiving to help Ukraine.
 On  behalf of all the Ukrainian people I’d like to express my gratitude to Crook Log Primary School , to all their staff, parents, guardians and children!   It was so touching to talk to some of the schools staff and see the amount of your  generous donations. Your support and kindness  are really appreciated .
All of your  donations have been packed in boxes and sent to our centre in Maidstone from  where it’ll be loaded onto the truck and sent to Ukraine.
Thank you and let there be peaceful skies for all of us .

Comment from Macmillan coffee morning 

'I would like to pass on my thanks and congratulations to all of the year 6 children. Everyone single child we spoke to this morning at the coffee morning, and there were a lot, was cheerful, happy and polite. I know lots of them were quite nervous but they should be proud of themselves. I enjoyed chatting to each and every one. They did themselves, their parents, teachers and school proud. They are such great representatives for Crook Log.'

Comment from a pedestrian when walking to swimming.

"What a fantastic, sensible and polite group of children you have with you."

Comment from parents during lockdown 

"Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing, providing our children with lots to do so that they do not fall behind."

" I have a huge respect for you all (teaching staff) after completing my first week of home schooling."

"Thank you for being so helpful and supportive."

"What a brilliant idea, thank you so much for introducing 'Wellness Wednesday' afternoons where the children can develop their own fun hobbies and interests.The children are working so hard on the planned activities that it will be wonderful to look forward to the middle of the week."



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