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Welcome to Dragonfly Class.

Our aim at Crook Log is to provide all pupils with ASD with an appropriate and calming learning environment, where children can receive a curriculum tailored to meet their specific needs, strive to achieve their maximum potential, celebrate their differences, and engage their curiosities.

The children are supported to learn in their mainstream classrooms as much as is appropriate for the child and are included in all aspects of school life where possible. Those children who are unable to manage time in a mainstream environment, and are awaiting a more specialised school placement, will be taught solely within Dragonfly Class, and follow a personalised curriculum through a themed approach.

Our ASD staff team provide and deliver specialist intervention learning opportunities to support the development of independence, self-esteem, and confidence for each pupil. The resource provision does not run as a separate unit to the school and all children remain on the mainstream school roll. Adult support is tailored to the needs of the child. However, they will be supported to become as independent as possible in the mainstream classroom as they progress throughout the school.

Our children receive specific support from Bexley’s Joint Communication Team of specialist ASD Speech and Language Therapists. They have access to sensory circuits, messy play and a sensory room.