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Our Approach

Our curriculum is led by our school motto, ‘Believe in a bright future ’, which was created in collaboration with children and staff.

At Crook Log Primary School, we strive to ensure that our children’s academic, creative, social, physical and moral education is nurtured.  Our aim is that children will learn and respect British Values and base their lives around our school values.  We welcome differences within our school community and challenge children to reach their full potential.  Our exciting curriculum has been designed to give our children opportunities to develop their cultural capital and become independent, confident, resilient and aspirational learners.  It is driven by the need to prepare our children for the next stage of their learning journey. It provides them with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding needed for the future so that they can be ‘the very best version of themselves’.

We aim to create a learning environment which:

  • Encourages our children to aspire to new heights.
  • Encourages active learning.
  • Encourages children to tackle new challenges.
  • Promotes kindness.
  • Promotes independence.
  • Promotes empathy.
  • Fosters community awareness


Reading is at the heart of our curriculum as it is an essential life skill, as well as enabling children to develop their learning in every area of the curriculum.  The children are encouraged and have the opportunity to engage in a rich and broad range of reading experiences within every subject.


Our teaching and learning goes beyond the classroom to provide our children with meaningful experiences which deepen their thinking.


If you would like any further information about out Curriculum, please contact